Farm-1-1 is a 501(c)(3) charitable farmers assistance program.

Farm-1-1                                                                                                Directors Vivian & JoAnn Smotherman

157 Bahia Lane; Cedar Creek, TX                                             

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Farm-1-1 has suspended operations until further notice. We dearly love this project and hope to reinvigorate it again some day, but for now, we must admit to our limitations. Vivian and JoAnn continue to teach class at the Austin Community College Sustainable Ag Program and will always do what we can to help our fellow farmers. 

Farm-1-1's Limited Services:

Equipment Share

Eden's Cove Farm began sharing farm equipment long before Vivian and JoAnn founded Farm-1-1, and will continue to do so. Some of the items on the below list were donated to Farm-1-1, but most of the items are privately owned and those owners would like to continue to make them available.  If you would like to borrow any of the following items then please email to make arrangements. You will need to pick up the equipment from Eden's Cove Farm and return it to the farm within a reasonable amount of time. Three point hitch items include a tiller, a box cutter, a brush hog, a back hoe, and a wood chipper/shredder. A round hay baler is available if the borrower wants to replace the three tires and do any maintenance needed to get it operational again. There is also a 4 cubic foot dump trailer, and a 16 foot flat bed trailer.

Farm Work Day

We will definitely still hosts farm work days. If you are a farmer and need a crew to come and complete a project, of if you would like to be notified about opportunities to volunteer on a farm then drop me an email and let me know.

Facilities Sharing

The commercial kitchen owned by Eden's Cove Farm is still available to any farmer that wishes to try their hand at value added products. The chicken processing center needs some new plumbing installed, but if anyone wants to invest a couple hours of time getting the system set up again, they are welcome to it. Again, contact if you would like to utilize these items. 

Maintenance and Repairs

The most valuable resource that Farm-1-1 had to offer is the item that is most limited now. We are not able to come out to troubleshoot broken equipment and definitely do not have the time to do any repairs. However, Vivian will do her best to give advice on farm equipment maintenance via email. Send an email to to ask her opinion on equipment maintenance and repairs. Let her know the symptoms and what you've attempted to fix the problem, and she try to point you in the right direction.