Farm-1-1 is a 501(c)(3) charitable farmers assistance program.

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Who we are: Farm-1-1 is a community based organization born from the struggles and frustrations faced by beginning farmers in the central Texas region. As a group, our mission is to establish a network of tools, equipment, expertise, and volunteer labor capable of responding to and serving the needs of beginning farmers. With support from local businesses, farm organizations, educational programs, and various government agencies Farm-1-1 strives to provide its services, insuring farmers receive the help they need regardless of their financial situation.

Who we serve: According to the Family farm report 2014, the majority of farms in this country are operated with sales below $10,000 annually either by fulltime farmers or, more often than not, by those with retirement or off-farm incomes. According to the 2012 Census of agriculture, Bastrop, Caldwell, and Hays county all had average net cash farm incomes below -$3697.00.

Filling the Gap: Educationally: beginning farmers and ranchers can find help at the Texas A&M agricultural extension offices or by taking courses through Austin Community College or joining and participating in community based mentoring programs like FarmShare & The New Farm Institute. Financially: The Department of Agriculture, both federally and in Texas, through offices like the FSA, provide and support numerous programs that help farmers gain financing through grants or special loans. Marketing: places like the Bastrop Producers Market, the 1832 Farmers’ Market, or The Sustainable Food Center provide help to farmers trying to market and sell their produce. Education, financing, and marketing help are available to the beginning farmers and ranchers in the area. Farm-1-1 fills the gap left by the currently available programs.

Operations: Farm-1-1 is not a general contractor; we do not take the place of licensed professionals or handle large projects. What we do is share. We share farm equipment that spends 90% of its usable life locked up in someone’s garage; we share a lot of sweat and a little bit of blood helping a stranger stand up their fencing after the flood; we share the advice and wisdom we’ve acquired while walking down the very same path these beginning farmers have just set foot on. The novelty of Farm-1-1 is simple; we focus on resources. Education and training are very much a part of what we offer. The heart of what we do, is focused on providing beginning farmers with the physical tools they need to work their land, build their business, and survive the difficult early years where the lessons learned can be painfully damaging or utterly devastating.

Success Stories: Farm-1-1 was formed in 2015 as a non-profit organization aimed at providing material aid to farmers and homesteaders around the Austin/Bastrop area of central Texas. The simple pay-what-you-can model was designed to support those homesteaders capable of affording services while finding opportunities to help those less financially capable with projects critical to their survival and success. During the first 6 months of operation Farm-1-1 completed 12 projects successfully with a median value to clients of $750.00 maxing out at $1955.00.

Projects have included:

  • Framing and pouring a concrete foundation for a vegetable farmer’s barn in Hays county. The client called Farm-1-1 after an injury left him incapable of completing the ground work necessary before the barn was due to be delivered.

  • Land clearing and stump removal assistance for a beginning farmer in Bastrop County Texas. This project required skilled labor as well as an assortment of equipment and machinery.

  • Disaster relief: providing dump trailers, free of charge, for debris removal as well as volunteer towing assistance for victims of the Bastrop County 2015 floods

  • Tractor and dump trailer assistance with a cattle tank (pond) that over ran and eroded its side. Farm-1-1 spent over 16 hours moving fill dirt back into place on the tanks perimeter and prevented the complete failure of the tank wall in the subsequent flooding.

  • In its most ambitious project Farm-1-1 quickly mustered a small crew of 8 volunteers to assist a goat farmer who had lost over 1000 feet of perimeter fence during the flooding. Without this fencing the farmer was forced to contain their heard of over 70 goats inside their barn. Farm-1-1 was contacted when the commercial quote for repairing the fence line came in at $6000, a price equal to that paid 6 months earlier during the previous flood. This client called in utter frustration explaining that they had no more funds available and that this disaster would force them out of business. Farm-1-1 responded with equipment and volunteers and successfully cleared the debris and re-installed the entire length of fence. These actions allowed the herd to return to the fields and kept the goat farm in business. Farm-1-1 provided these services free of charge.

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