Farm-1-1 is a 501(c)(3) charitable farmers assistance program.

Farm-1-1                                                                                                Directors Vivian & JoAnn Smotherman

157 Bahia Lane; Cedar Creek, TX                                             

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Give Support to Farm-1-1

Volunteer Work Days:

Sometimes a farmer runs into a problem and they need extra hands. This may be clean up after a flood, installing a new fence, or bringing in the hay. Farm-1-1 gathers a group of volunteers and we head out to get the job done. Generally the work days are 4 hours long on a Saturday or Sunday, and most of the time we share a meal afterwords. No skills are needed, we'll teach you what you need to know. And there are often tasks that do not require strength. Sometimes we even have childcare available. If you would like to be notified of Volunteer Work Days, then drop us an email at

Donate Supplies:

Irrigation, PVC, crates, lumber, fencing, tools, buckets, gravel, road base, barrels - you name it, farmers need it. Donated supplies are offered to farmers in our Farmer Thrift Store. Farm-1-1 can pick up. 

Donate Money:

As with any non-profit, we need money so that we can continue helping farmers farm. Donations go to things like maintenance of equipment, fuel for the equipment share program, emergency supplies for farmers, training, hauling, volunteer rewards, and so much more. Donations can be made through Amplify Austin or 

by check to Farm-1-1 and mailed to 157 Bahia Lane, Cedar Creek, TX 78612. Or drop us an email to make other arrangements.

Offer Your Expertise:

Farmers need expert consults on everything from bookkeeping to fence building. If you are trained in a field that might be useful to a farmer, then let us know that you're available to either give workshops or go out to a farm and give direct advice on their situation. Email is the best way to share your skills with us,   

Share Equipment

Do you have farm equipment to share? Put it on our list. Just drop us an email and tell us what equipment you have to offer and what kind of condition it is in. If it needs repairs then we'll send our mechanic out to your farm to evaluate the condition of the item, and if possible, get it back into good working order. When another farmer requests use of a piece of equipment, we check our list and contact you to see if your item is available. Then Farm-1-1 picks up the equipment, inspects it to make sure it's in good operating condition, delivers it to the farmer in need and makes sure they have the appropriate skills to use the machine. When they are finished with the equipment, Farm-1-1 inspects it and performs any necessary maintenance then returns it back to it's owner. 

Get Support from Farm-1-1

Register with Farm-1-1

Registration process is simply: Email to schedule your Farm Visit and Interview.  The interview takes about an hour and all the forms will be completed at that time. 

Request Assistance

Any registered farm can request assistance from any of our 4 programs:

  • Volunteer Labor Force
  • Equipment Share Program
  • ​Consultation
  • Thrift Store

You make the request by emailing A project manager will discuss your situation with you and our team will let you know what assistance we can offer. 

Statement of Value

When the project is complete Farm-1-1 will send you a Statement of Value. This is a statement of the fair market value of the services or items rendered. Farmers then decide how much they can pay.